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FFS DigiXP Unified Digital Experience Platform (DXP) 

FFS DigiXP Unified Digital Experience Platform is integrating transactional systems and customer interactions into a unified platform to deliver consistent customer experience across all channels

FFS DigiXP Unified Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the most complete omni-channel digital solution of integrated set of technologies, based on a unified platform, that provides a broad range of audiences with consistent, secure and personalized access to information and applications across many digital touch-points, to run all your business operation virtually from end-to-end. 


Organizations use FFS DigiXP to build, deploy and continually improve websites, portals, mobile and other digital experiences. FFS DigiXP manage the presentation layer based on the role, security privileges and preferences of an individual. It has combine and coordinate applications, including content management, search and navigation, personalization, integration and aggregation, collaboration, workflow, analytics, mobile and multichannel support.


FFS DigiXP is equipped with set of micro-services inside the platform that can be accessed via API (Software Development Kit), a business can build its own application on top of the platform. At the same, FFS has built full featured solutions that can meet different banking requirements using eMasraf for retail, corporate, onboarding, wealth management, merchant, wallet, etc. As well as CXLink customer experience application for any digital and online business.

What is FFS DigiXP?

FFS DigiXP Unified platform is Reliable, Available, Secured, at high Performance (RASP) that support multi-entity, multi-currency, multi-country, multi-language and can enable you to:

Offer the right product to the right customers at the right time;

Offer a seamless and consistent experience across multiple channels;

Offer a smoother, faster, safer and instant experience from registration to account engagement;

Simplify and drive active customer engagement across all channels;

Deliver consistent and long-term powerful innovations for customers.

Choreograph customer interactions to drive personalized, pre-designed products based on customer behavior captured across all channels.

Single Digital Platform: Deliver true unified platform to run consumer, corporate, merchant portal and mobile applications that unifies customer-experience across multiple platforms.

Neutral Technology: It is technology neutral and runs on the latest versions of open system standards.

Cloud Design: Can run as a cloud (private or public) service.

Web 2.0 Support: Built with the latest material UX design that can accommodate the implementation of customer journey.

Unified Control Panel: Comes with eCare application to configure and set-up all digital service (engines).