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FFS RPP (RESELLER PARTNERSHIP Program) is a network of qualified FFS partners that deliver consulting services based on eMasraf Cross-Channel CX Digital Banking solution for the financial industry. 

Partners in Success

FFS RPP enables banks to utilize a set of capabilities to implement modern banking by adopting the “best of breed” eMasraf digital banking with consulting service for fast delivery of a world class experience to their customers. RPP target the Total Addressable Market (TAM) and increases the average deal size for FFS and its RPP partners.

RPP Benefits


Grow Your Business

Enhance Your Position

Focus on Your Strengths

·       Expand customer base

·       Mutual competitive advantage

·       Increased revenue

·       Market awareness

·       eMasraf’s ecosystem of solution partners

·       Brand awareness

·       Technical support

·       Developer training package



Go-to-Market (GTM) 


FFS will promote RRP member based on authorized region during various joint GTM activities based on customer and market needs. Examples of joint GTM approach include:


  • Website: FFS will display RPP member logo at FFS Partners with a link to member website;
  • Referral: FFS sends referrals to RPP members where it identifies sales opportunities in the authorized region with prospected or existing customers;
  • Resell: RPP resells the FFS eMasraf digital banking platform and solutions 
  • Co-sell: FFS jointly drives the sales opportunity along with the RPP member




RPP member will be entitled to:


  • Access to eMasraf API SDK and development guide;
  • Support from FFS technical team
  • Can bundle and integrate their own banking product with eMasraf 








·       Have financial industry focus and experience 

·       Provide pre- and post-sales support in all applicable geographic regions 

·       Participate in FFS marketing activities when applicable

·       Promote RPP partnership and eMasraf solution

·       Bundle and integrate FFS eMasraf integration with RPP banking products 

·       Offer customer support on the authorized region



Tested and Approved eMasraf Integration


The RPP can go through Tested and Verified Integration Program, paid service for a small fee offered by FFS to RPP members. The program allows members to work with FFS during the integration development and testing process to ensure connectors meet specifications, purpose, and quality control, leading to a product that function in line with joint customer expectations.


Looking to join the FFS Reseller Partnership Program (RPP)? Get in touch.


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